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so this was parked in front of our hotel

Oh god
  • Gamazee Maracas (Zesty): "robotics that dont make sense"
  • Gamazee Maracas (Zesty): rufioh had a fucking horse body
  • Gamazee Maracas (Zesty): rufioh was literally
  • Gamazee Maracas (Zesty): a head
  • Gamazee Maracas (Zesty): on a horse
  • Gamazee Maracas (Zesty): body
  • Gamazee Maracas (Zesty): AH YES THAT MAKES
  • Gamazee Maracas (Zesty): SO MUCH sENSE
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I feel like shit. Our management company violated our lease and let painters and cleaners in our apartment and a bunch of stuff got stolen. Most importantly my laptop and backup hard drive with 6 years worth of drawings on it. If anyone sees a 15” MacBook retina with 16GB of RAM on it for sale in or around NYC please email or message me.

My pal Randeep got screwed over!  :(  New Yorkers, it’s a big city, but give a glance over Craigslist if you have a moment this weekend.  Buh! 

Hey everyone! I want to spread the word because stuff like this sucks and I’m hoping everyone can give it a signal boost! This person’s work was stolen— the laptop, and hard-drive— the whole kaboodle! Maybe someone will see something somewhere! You never know!
If you see anything or know anything, contact:
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I want to know who animated Ling because
i know it’s not supposed to be accurate because it’s just an apple shoved down his shirt but I want to know what mad genius put that much thought into the mechanics of fake cleavage

I never noticed… such brilliant detail hahaha!


Do you think that in the animating office someone actually did this so they would have an idea of what it would look like?

Knowing animators, yes
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My posse and I put together this bad fantroll bingo chart, but I’m too chickenshit to post it myself.

fun drinking game: go through this blog and take a shot for every one you score

If I got a nickel…
Look, this is beating a dead horse at this point, but a lot of these squares are pretty specifically targeted and not exactly “general”, at least on my side of the community. And that’s really not okay. And what’s also not okay is this bingo card. It’s very superficial and counter-productive to fantrollers and their roleplaying. 
Allow me some minor counter-arguments on some these squares. 
Mentally Unstable - You do realize that this is a planet where everyone is made of incestuous sludge raised to kill before they can even claim a lusus and have a hive, yes? Name any child that will be absolutely fine growing up from that without any therapy or support. Alternia is a very unstable and vicious planet. Hell, all of the trolls in the comic are mentally unstable in some way.
Subjuggulator - Because really, we all know that the Makara Bloodline are the only ones allowed to wear facepaint and worship the MiRtHfUl MeSsIaHs. Honestly, this is just here because you guys think it’s overdone.
The same goes for Dead Lusus, Masks, Tough but Actually Sensitive, Over Used Symbol, Snake Themed Rainbow Drinker(Heaven forbid anyone besides the Maryams can be a vampire) and etc.
Adults on Alternia - Really now? Screen cap me the line where it says that EVERY adult is sent off the planet, and even then petty canon-policing isn’t going to stop people from making adults, either coming back after their military term or never left the planet cause they hid during drafting.
All of the squares regarding a troll’s appearance - So apparently a character’s worth is only in their looks huh? And just because it breaks what you think is canon it’s worthless? alright then
Tumblr nose - What does that even mean? As in they put a nose on their sprites? Uhm sorry to say butJust because hussie’s style of sprites doesn’t have them, doesn’t mean that trolls are noseless. If an artist wants to give a troll a nose, that’s their artistic choice and interpretation and that shouldn’t even be an issue to you people.
Some of these are literally just biting into an artist’s style and sprite choices and that’s not even funny to do, especially for people that are just beginning in art and art still learning.
And then, of course, the horrible non 6/6 letter names. To be rather rude, Hussie’s naming system was about SYMBOLISM, in case you couldn’t tell, and while it’s fun to partake in stretching out/trimming down names to fit the number, it’s not required because look at all the people, there’s no need to symbolize the amount of trolls cause there’s so many in the community.
I don’t really approve of blogs like these that promote hate and canon-policing, because almost all the submissions are skin-deep and the moment ONE LITTLE THING is different it’s labeled a bad fantroll, as well as the fact that it’s usually done by a small, narrow-minded group of people are giving their OPINIONS and declaring it FACT and that it should be EVERYONE ELSE’S STANDARD.
By that logic, every fantroll is a bad fantroll because Alternia was destroyed so everyone should be dead.
Not to mention that Hussie declared everything canon, because there are so many alternate universes in his comic that it’d be impossible to declare what is or isn’t canon or not.
These blogs are really toxic and hate-mongering and it’s only purpose is get popular by shitting on other people’s fun and designing ability. It’s very shallow to me and doesn’t help anyone in anyway.
Honestly I can say more but this has all been said before me. But seeing this on my dash made me mad because everyone complains about people talking shit about them or being mean to them, and yet those same people(and many more) will glorify this kind of behavior for superficial reasons. More importantly, it’s teaching the new fans and roleplayers that this toxic behavior is acceptable and even encouraged wherever they go. And that’s just not ok at all.
This turned out longer than I thought and it’s a little over the place, but I’m not apologizing for the length this time.
That’s my two cents on this fantroll-hate bullshit.
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